Matthew Rocklin - Bio

Computational Scientist, also person.

Matthew Rocklin

I grew up in San Juan Capistrano, a town by the beach in Southern California, and was fortunate to be raised by two loving parents, alongside two sisters.

I now live in Brooklyn, New York.


I attended university at UC Berkeley as a Physics/Math/Astronomy student. I worked at a local engineering firm while in university and for the Physics department shortly after graduation. I joined the Computer Science department at the University of Chicago as a PhD student from 2008-2013 where I was advised by Todd Dupont and Ridg Scott.

After a brief stint at Sandia National Labs I joined Anaconda, a for-profit company behind the open source numeric Python ecosystem. I am still at Anaconda, working primarily on the Dask project.


I moderate my work life with physical activity, primarily cycling and rock climbing, and with slow hobbies, primarily amateur wood working and fiction.