Submitting Homework

You will submit your homework electronically by svn on or before the due date listed on each homework.

Homework due dates will be posted on the assignment. They are strict.

What we’re looking for

We will look for the following things in roughly this order

Tip: Style is actually really important. If your code is easy to read it puts the grader in a good mood. You want your grader to be happy.

What files should you submit?

We will try to specify exactly what files we’re looking for in each assignment. Please ask for clarification if necessary.

In general we will never want project files or complex directories produced by IDEs like Visual Studio/Xcode/Eclipse. We just want raw .c files and occasional text files. If we ask for a textfile this should be submitted in raw text and not in any complex document format such as MS Word or any other office suite. For a list of good programs that produce raw text please see the tip page on editors.

Your code will be graded by calling gcc on the Maclab machines. Ideally C code that compiles and runs on one type of computer will compile and run identically on all types of computers. This is not always the case. If your code runs perfectly on your machine but does not compile on the Maclab computers you will likely receive a low grade. This is rare but does happen.