Academic Honesty Policy

Presenting someone else’s work, whether it from a friend, a website, a textbook, etc, as your own is unacceptable. If you do not understand what is allowed for any given assignment, ask, don’t assume. We will not accept “I did not understand the rules” as an excuse for academic dishonesty. A student who fails to follow this policy will receive an F in the course (students may appeal this decision to the Dean of Students at the Division of Physical Sciences and request a disciplinary committee hearing).

Talking with other students about a problem is fine. Writing code together, whether on a computer or on a blackboard is not fine. Each student must write his/her own code.

Students should include in their code comments with the names of any collaborators and any sources used to help solve a problem (including websites).

If you’re frustrated by a problem e-mail the listhost or the instructor.

At a beginning level cheating is very easy to identify. It’s not worth the trouble.